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Our services include protection and enforcement of rules and regulations in private parking lots, condominiums, private communities, shopping centers and companies based on state, county, and city laws and ordinances, as well as By-Laws in private communities and condominiums. Our most important aspect is maintaining our consistency of enforcement based on your needs. The sensitive nature of parking enforcement can create an awkward and tense situation for your residents and visitors. Because of our commitment to service and quality, our vehicles are car wrapped, with safety lights, and CCTV recorded live from the dash cam, including a live microphone feed.

Fully uniformed employees offer excellent customer service and a vast knowledge of parking enforcement law and regulations. All of our calls are monitored and recorded for quality assurance to ensure that we excel at meeting your service needs as well. This gives us the opportunity to remain 100% accountable for our service. South Florida Parking Enforcement would like to extend a free consultation so that we may discuss the premium services we offer to our clients at a price that represents the maximum value to your business.

We provide monthly reports of all vehicles stickered and/or towed. We also take digital pictures of all stickered/towed vehicles. SFPE is not a security or towing company. You may reach us via email at southfloridaparkingenforcement@gmail.com or you may contact us at (305) 967-1846.